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Columbia Gazetteer of the World
CONABIO: Metadata and Cartography Online
Digital Chart of the World
European Commission Joint Research Centre Digital Atlas
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GAP Analysis Program
GARP Modelling System
GEOLocate, Georeferencing Software for Natural History Collections
GEONet Names server, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online
Global Gazetteer v.2.1
Global Change Master Directory
GTOPO elevation data ('DEM' files of the world)
The Fuzzy Gazetteer
Instituto Nacional de Estad�stica Geograf�a e Inform�tica (INEGI), Mexico
Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Centre
MaNIS/HerpNet/ORNIS Georeferencing Guidelines
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Principles of Data Quality, GBIF
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U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)
U.S. Naval Observatory, Complete Sun and Moon data