Molecular Biology Websites, Products and Services

Ambrose Monell Collection for Molecular and Microbial Research, AMNH
ASTM International, Annual Book of ASTM Standards
Barcode of Life
Bioinformatics and Biological Computing, Weizmann Institute of Science
BioSupplyNet, Searching for Scientific Supplies
BioTechniques Molecular Biology Techniques Forums
Center for Anchored Phylogenomics
ClustalX & ClustalW
Common Access to Biological Resources and Information (CABRI) Consortium
Consortium for the Barcode of Life
International Air Transport Association (IATA), Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual
Mobyle @ Pasteur Institute
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
NCBI Genome
Protein Extraction, Description, and Analysis Tool (PEDANT)
Saf-T-Pak, Inc.
Sequencher, Gene Codes Corp.
Shared Information of Genetic Resources (SHIGEN)
The J. Craig Venter Institute
Worldwide Genetic Resources